[erlang-patches] eunit 2.2.3

Richard Carlsson <>
Tue Aug 7 23:21:44 CEST 2012

This updates eunit in OTP to have all the changes from my development 
repo, bumping the version number.

     git fetch git://github.com/richcarl/otp.git eunit-2.2.3

(based on OTP master)

Release notes:

   EUnit 2.2.3

     - New option 'no_tty' to silent the default tty report.

     - Recognize the new stacktrace format introduced in R15,
     adding location information. (Thanks to Klas Johansson.)

     - Improve layout of error messages, printing the stack trace
     before the error term.

     - Heuristically detect and report bad return values from
     generators and instantiators. E.g., "ok" will not be
     interpreted as a module name, and a warning will be printed.

     - New test representation {test,M,F} for completeness along
     with {generator,M,F}. Tuples {M,F} are deprecated.

     - Use UTF-8 as encoding in Surefire output files. (Thanks to
     Lukas Larsson.)


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