[erlang-patches] SNMP: fix problems with empty table RowIndex

Henrik Nord <>
Thu Aug 2 13:15:21 CEST 2012

Thank you for your contribution your branch has been included in 'pu'

On 08/01/2012 11:50 AM, Stefan Zegenhagen wrote:
> Dear all,
> These patches are being resubmitted as attachment so that they apply
> cleanly on the current "maint" branch.
> During intensive testing it was found that it's possible to create table
> rows in, e.g., snmpTargetAddrTable that have an empty RowIndex and
> thereby violate the MIB's constraints on the row indices.
> To solve the issue, the function snmp_generic:split_index_to_keys/2 is
> modified to respect the minimum/maximum length of row index components
> as given in the corresponding #asn1_type{} by the first patch.
> The second patch modifies the SNMP set request handling to use the above
> mentioned function and verify that table row indices are syntactically
> correct even before calling the instrumentation functions.
> The same is *NOT* done for
>        * get requests because these will not return anything useful if
>          invalid rows can no longer be created, and
>        * get-next requests because there, row indices have a different
>          semantic and are allowed to be invalid.
> Kind regards,
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