[erlang-patches] Fixes debugger UI messages

Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez <>
Sun Sep 25 01:49:55 CEST 2011

Please fetch:
    git fetch git://github.com/jimenezrick/otp.git fix-debugger-msgs

* Two commits in this branch:

1. Fixes debugger message with wx

Adds missing spaces when using wx UI. The gs UI didn't need them. Also
changes the exclamation of the message by a dot, more formal style for a
UI message.

2. Fixes "OK" spelling in debugger messages and variables

Simple code refactor in the debugger: renames all the occurrences of
"Ok" to "OK" in the code, variable names and strings. This improves the
consistency of the code and follows the GTK UI where "OK" is always

The code changes are very simple, but I tried the debugger with wx and gs
to make sure nothing breaks.

Thanks in advance.
Ricardo (http://r.untroubled.be/)

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