[erlang-patches] cppcheck(1) inspired changes

Henrik Nord <>
Wed Sep 7 10:51:43 CEST 2011

On 09/06/2011 08:56 PM, Christian von Roques wrote:
> I toyed with cppcheck(1) http://cppcheck.sourceforge.net/
> a static analysis tool for C/C++ code.  It warned about several places
> in the Erlang sources, but despite its intention to have zero false
> positives, not all its findings were caused by real errors in the code.
> 	git fetch git://github.com/roques/otp.git cppcheck
> This branch contains a few changes inspired by cppcheck(1)'s findings,
> I don't think any of them are really urgent, but they still are fixes:
>   * One potential use of an uninitialized variable when neither ERTS_SMP
>   * Not leaving erl_eterm_state locked when malloc(3) fails in
>     erl_eterm_alloc().
>   * Two malloc-leaks in error paths of mn_send_write() and ei_reg_restore().
>   	Christian.
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I have included your branch in 'pu'

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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