[erlang-patches] support md2WithRSAEncryption certificates

Christian von Roques <>
Tue Sep 6 20:35:22 CEST 2011

Henrik Nord <> writes:
> On 08/06/2011 08:47 PM, Christian von Roques wrote:
>> I've added support for md2WithRSAEncryption certificates to public_key
>> and the necessary support for md2 to crypto:rsa_sign/3 and
>> crypto:rsa_verify/4.
>> [...]

> we would like you to correct the following for us to include this branch.
> * add documentation for crypto
> * add test case for crypto
> * Split into two commits (crypto and public_key)


Please re-fetch

	git fetch git://github.com/roques/otp.git md2WithRSAEncryption

The branch now consists of the requested two commits and an additional
trivial third commit documenting crypto:sha_mac_96/2 to compute an SHA
MAC, not MD5.


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