[erlang-patches] DTrace patch, review draft #3

Henrik Nord <>
Wed Nov 23 09:57:49 CET 2011

On 11/23/2011 12:34 AM, Scott Lystig Fritchie wrote:
> Henrik Nord<>  wrote:
> hn>  Yes, or into the commits itself, so there is no real "bugfix"
> hn>  commit, but these fixes are merged into the different commits, the
> hn>  mechanics one, the example programs one, and the one adding probes
> OK, I've squashed things so that it looks as if the original 4 commits
> are the only ones.
> hn>  Yes, Deadline for this (and other patches from 'pu' will be next
> hn>  Wednesday, so the 30th of November.
> Great, thanks!
> hn>  There will be a R15A tag pushed to github later today. And I would
> hn>  like you to rebase your branch upon that, there is some minor merge
> hn>  conflicts.  Then I will refetch your branch tomorrow.
> I've rebased the "dtrace-review3" branch on the OTP_R15A tag as I found
> it today, commit e21ff9b0b69219ab3853be7e80813156113152b7.  Right now,
> the new head of the "dtrace-review3" branch is
> 4242b9c0eca65b767eabcc192d980fa3754d5b33.
> Many thanks for reviewing this work!
> -Scott

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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