[erlang-patches] [PATCH] Update xcomp config for AVR32/buildroot-v3.0.0

Winston Smith <>
Tue Nov 1 12:19:51 CET 2011

git fetch http://github.com/smithwinston/otp.git erl-xcomp-avr32

commit 3feb340bd42f15fc4e74e788ffb6372280156f37
Author: smithwinston <>
Date:   Tue Nov 1 06:40:23 2011 -0400

    Update xcomp config for AVR32/buildroot-v3.0.0

    With Atmel's recent buildroot-v3.0.0 release for AVR32, some changes
    were needed in order to properly cross compile Erlang/OTP for the

    Tested with R14B04 on a mk I NGW100.


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