[erlang-patches] What's cooking in erlang/otp (2011-05-31)

Henrik Nord <>
Tue May 31 16:30:39 CEST 2011


* ta/dragonfly-test_server-config (test_server) (2011-04-22) 1 commit
 + Add DragonflyBSD support to test_server (9d8d432)

* tj/streaming_crypto_functions () (2011-05-06) 0 commits

[New topics]

* cg/fix-constant-logical-operand (erts) (2011-05-24) 1 commit
 - Fix use of logical operator && with constant operand instead of bitwise &. (53d1d74)

* fm/zlib_doc (erts, kernel) (2011-05-31) 1 commit
 - Fix doc and spec tags for a few zlib erlang module functions (156827a)

* hs/odbc-sql_wlongvarchar_support (odbc) (2011-05-04) 1 commit
 - Add support for SQL_WLONGVARCHAR (0445b6e)

* kj/eunit-surefire-fixes (eunit) (2011-05-11) 1 commit
 - Generate separate surefire XMLs for each test suite (61621e6)

* ms/inet-socket-domain-error (erts, kernel) (2011-05-24) 1 commit
 - inet: error if fd does not match socket domain (169080d)

* pg/fix-freebsd-dualcore-detection (erts) (2011-05-21) 1 commit
 - Fix bug in FreeBSD topology detection code (a13caa7)

* pg/fix-hibernate-scheduling-with-hipe (erts) (2011-05-21) 1 commit
 - Fix bug related to hibernate and HiPE (clear F_HIBERNATE_SCHED flag) (614c920)

* rz/add_proplist_type (common_test, dialyzer, edoc, stdlib, test_server) (2011-05-22) 1 commit
 - Add a proplist() type (7d8a1f8)

* sa/prim-file-fix (erts) (2011-05-27) 1 commit
 - Replace atom in DRV macro in prim_file with string (1f47084)

* ta/warnings_as_errors (parsetools) (2011-05-28) 3 commits
 - yecc: add warnings_as_errors option (043ad1a)
 - leex: add warnings_as_errors option (fb7c707)
 - leex: fix typo in leex_SUITE (efc5ce3)


* bw/efile_exists (erts) (2010-10-07) 1 commit
 - prim_file:exists/{1,2} which is lightweight file existence check (7203932)

Action expected from: Topic author

* fm/posix-fallocate (erts, kernel) (2011-04-15) 4 commits
 - Added missing surrounding if statement (5ec9fab)
 - Fixes to file:allocate/2 and respective tests (d0fb479)
 - Fix build on Solaris (9b8aecf)
 - Added file:allocate/2 (7554dbb)

Action expected from: Topic author

* jn/gen_stream (stdlib) (2011-04-15) 2 commits
 - Update gen_stream tests to conform with common_test standard (9f50d34)
 - Add gen_stream behaviour (3065e10)

Action expected from: OTP-Team

* sa/callback-attr (compiler, inets, kernel, orber, otp, stdlib) (2010-06-08) 8 commits
 - Add callback specs into 'application' module in kernel (4bca766)
 - Add callback specs to tftp module following internet documentation (bba649c)
 - Add callback specs to inets_service module following possibly deprecated comments (e41a958)
 - Add '-callback' attributes in stdlib's behaviours (d8d94c4)
 - Update primary bootstrap (199525a)
 - Update the documentation with information on the callback attribute (311a25f)
 - Automatically generate 'behaviour_info' function from '-callback' attributes (7c44f16)
 - Add '-callback' attribute to language syntax (e8336ff)

Action expected from: OTP-Team

* ta/typer-quote-atoms (hipe, typer) (2011-03-20) 1 commit
 - Quote atoms if necessary in types (254e21e)

Action expected from: Hipe-team reviewer

* vb/shell (erts, kernel, stdlib) (2011-01-21) 6 commits
 - Add expandfmt_fun option for io:setopts (f139eab)
 - Correct JCL's help indentation (95672fa)
 - Handle JCL's "r" command error when no pool started (ba4b196)
 - Fix tab expansion in remote shell (e2077cb)
 - edlin_expand: fix matches formatting (838b84a)
 - Take into account arity len when calculating field's width (ff28c52)

Action expected from: Topic author

* nox/xmerl-namespace-axis (xmerl) (2010-12-07) 12 commits
 . Implement namespace axis (27d791f)
 . Add `#xmlPI` support to xmerl_xpath:write_node/1 (75e67f5)
 . Fix processing-instruction(name?) (f05e78b)
 . Fix path filters (610df56)
 . Support more top-level primary expressions (770d6d9)
 . Accumulate comments in element nodes (e5b6b3a)
 . Add `default_attrs` option (18584c5)
 . Allow whole documents to be returned (aef3dea)
 . Track parents and namespace in `#xmlAttribute` nodes (dc9b220)
 . Track parents in `#xmlPI` nodes (5095331)
 . Set `vsn` field in `#xmlDecl` record (d712331)
 . Fix namespace-conformance constraints (e062270)

Action expected from: Topic author

* pd/ttb_upgrade (observer) (2011-04-05) 30 commits
 . additional tests for ttb module (ee2dabc)
 . new tests for ttb module (6f8ec53)
 . updated documentation (d39fa78)
 . updated OTP tests (dc1af0f)
 . (BUGFIX) Error with ip tracing to wrap sets (5082fc8)
 . Add onviso_server and cli as an exemplary ttb usage (d5a68df)
 . Include logfile name in fetch directory name (45f3302)
 . missing files addes (3e759dd)
 . dbg-type tracing (ece6a3b)
 . Optional handler specification allowed in stop/1 - Allowed optional handler specification in trace/2 (97be5ad)
 . Flush file trace port buffers with given frequency (9d4b083)
 . Autoresume tracing (7101720)

Action expected from: Topic author

* bg/temp-hipe-fixes (compiler, hipe, kernel) (2010-03-15) 6 commits
 - Avoid crash by skipping compilation_SUITE:on_load/1 (0d913e0)
 - Inline less aggressively for native-code compilation (0215ac6)
 - Crudely fix return type for the lists:key{search,find,member}/3 (4f48864)
 - seq_trace_SUITE: Don't native-compile (3799b17)
 - Disable native code if on_load is used (f35872c)
 - andor_SUITE: Don't native-compile (a8ab68c)

This branch contains temporary workarounds to avoid failing test
cases and is never intended to graduate.

* fm/external_size_2 (erts, hipe) (2011-05-16) 1 commit
 - Added erlang:external_size/2 BIF (2f4277a)

* pr/mnesia_frag_hash (mnesia) (2011-04-27) 2 commits
 - add mnesia_frag_hash test (1d6762d)
 - Reduce calls to phash in key_to_frag_number (67a20c0)

* sa/dialyzer-server-loop-fix (dialyzer) (2011-05-03) 1 commit
 - Fix server loop detection (3a7af1c)

* ta/nif-strict-aliasing (erts) (2011-05-10) 2 commits
 - erts: use a union to avoid strict aliasing issues (8717b93)
 - erts: adapt matrix_nif to R14 erl_nif API changes (97fb95f)

* ta/nif-variadic-funs (erts) (2011-05-13) 1 commit
 - erts: convert variadic nif funs into inline funs (9a1f9b6)

* ta/sendfile (erts, kernel) (2011-01-13) 1 commit
 - Implement file:sendfile (6ae9c14)

* tn/inet_drv-fix (erts) (2011-04-08) 1 commit
 - Use libdlpi to get physical address (e360563)


* vs/asn1_long-definite-lenght (asn1) (2011-05-16) 2 commits
 . fix while loop reading beyond input buffers memory (c07026e)
 . add size check to determine if the calculated length has overflowed the size of the variable used to store it (6ac219a)

Will be corrected it in a slightly different way by OTP-reviewer

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