[erlang-patches] [PATCH] add a erlang:external_size/2 BIF

Henrik Nord <>
Tue May 17 15:44:36 CEST 2011

On 05/17/2011 12:53 PM, Filipe David Manana wrote:
> git  fetch  git://github.com/fdmanana/otp.git   external_size_2
> Btw, why isn't the existing BIF erlang:external_size/1 documented anywhere?
> I see it used in some OTP modules like dets.erl for e.g. I find this a
> very useful function, as it's certainly more efficient then doing a
> "byte_size(term_to_binary(Term))" call.
I will include this in 'pu' and the other branch you sent when I have 
rebuilt the preloaded and bootstrap files.

regarding missing documentation, its one of these 3 cases
1. it is not supposed to be used by other ppl.
2. it is not supported on all supported platforms.
3. someone has been lazy and or forgot to add documentation.

In case 3, feel free to add documentation, and if case 1 and 2 does not 
apply, we will accept the patch with the documentation fix. If case 1 or 
2 apply we will reject your patch.

I do not know the specific case for this function, but I will try to 
find out.

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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