[erlang-patches] Streaming AES CTR and HMAC functions

Henrik Nord <>
Tue May 3 14:48:12 CEST 2011

On 05/02/2011 10:58 PM, Travis Jensen wrote:
> git fetch git://github.com/SoftwareMaven/otp.git 
> <http://github.com/SoftwareMaven/otp.git>  streaming_crypto_functions
> Add true streaming AES (CTR) encryption and streaming HMAC operations
> The current crypto module implementations require all of the data
> being encrypted or authenticated to be in memory at one time. When
> trying to encrypt or authenticate a large file (on order of GBs),
> this is problematic.
> The implementation of AES CTR uses the same underlying implementation
> as aes_ctr_[en|de]crypt, but hands the state back to the client
> after every operation.
> The HMAC implementation differs from the previous implementations of
> sha_mac and md5_mac. The old implementations did not utilize the
> OpenSSL HMAC implementation. In order to ensure that I didn't
> implement something incorrectly, I chose to use the OpenSSL HMAC
> implementation directly, since it handles streaming as well. This
> has the added side benefit of allowing other hash functions to be
> used as desired (for instances, I added support for ripemd160
> hashing).
> While I haven't done this, it seems like the existing md5_mac and
> sha_mac functions could either be depricated or redefined in terms
> of the new hmac_ functions.
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I have included your branch into 'pu' and will let it cook for a while.
Thank you for the contribution!

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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