[erlang-patches] What is the preferred method of submitting patches to the list? [was Re: [PATCH] ei: integer overflow in string/atom encoding]

Tom Moertel <>
Tue Jun 7 18:11:42 CEST 2011

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:

> p.s. Thank you for inlining the patch and providing a rationale, most git
> users on this list don't do that which makes peer review difficult.

If inline patches are preferred, perhaps the following recommendations
should be revised to say so more clearly:


Right now, the recommendations on that page begin with the strong suggestion
that the Right Thing is to email a reference to the Git branch that
represents the proposed patches:

The recommended way of sending patches is described on this page. Basically,
> you push your changes to a git repository and send us an email with a
> reference to your public git repository and branch.... If you send us a
> patch in other ways than described on this page, it will mean more work for
> us and we cannot guarantee anything. It is up to the maintainer for that
> part of OTP to decide whether (s)he will pick up the patch.

It is only much later in the document, in the "Sending the patch" section,
that readers learn that inline patches are acceptable at all, but even then
it's only via a parenthetical comment:

(We also accept *inline* patches compatible with format generated by git
> format-patch, but please make sure that your email client has not garbled
> the message.)

What *is* the preferred method of submitting patches to the list? Inline?
Git fetch command? Some combination of the two?

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