[erlang-patches] [PATCH] Remove hipe constants pool

Niclas Axelsson <>
Mon Jan 31 16:43:42 CET 2011

On 01/29/2011 11:00 AM,  wrote:
> From: Paul Guyot<>
> Hipe constants used to be allocated within a single, fixed-size pool for
> interaction with the garbage collector. However, the garbage collector
> no longer depends on constants being allocated within a single pool, and
> the fixed size of the pool both meant unnecessary allocations on most
> deployments and crashes on deployments requiring more constants.
> The code was simplified to directly invoke erts_alloc.
> Debugging and undocumented function hipe_bifs:show_literals/0 was
> removed (it returned true and output text to the console), and
> debugging and undocumented function hipe_bifs:constants_size/0 was
> rewritten with a global to count the size of allocated constants.
Thanks Paul. Merged your patch into 'pu'.

Niclas Axelsson, Erlang/OTP

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