[erlang-patches] True streaming of AES CTR

Travis Jensen <>
Fri Apr 29 19:14:59 CEST 2011

I've added a pull request to github for a change to the crypto module that
allows true streaming of AES CTR mode.  I'm afraid I didn't get things quite
right on the formatting of the pull request (I'm more familiar with
Mercurial than Git), but here it is, anyway:

Basically, this change makes AES CTR behave similarly to the RC4

An example usage looks like:

State = crypto:aes_ctr_state_init(Key, IV),
{ Cipher, State2 } = crypto:aes_ctr_encrypt_with_state(State, Data),
{ Cipher2, State3 } = crypto:aes_ctr_encrypt_with_state(State2, Data),

I've used the existing AES CTR tests to implement tests for it as well.  If
I need to reformat the patch, I can certainly do that, but it really pretty

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