[erlang-patches] eunit: fix race conditions

Klas Johansson <>
Mon Apr 18 11:06:39 CEST 2011


When playing around with eunit's surefire XML reports I
noticed that the files are sometimes not generated and
I decided to have a look:

  Wait until all eunit listeners terminate

  Ensure that all eunit listeners (like
  eunit_surefire) get the chance to finish their work
  before terminating.  Prior to this fix, the
  eunit_surefire XML was sometimes not generated.

While addressing that problem I also noticed the

  Don't let eunit_surefire report back to eunit when stopping

  When eunit is terminating, a stop message is sent
  to all listeners and eunit then waits for *one*
  result message but previously both eunit_tty and
  eunit_surefire sent a response on error.  Don't
  send a result message from eunit_surefire; let
  eunit_tty take care of all result reporting, both
  positive and negative to avoid race conditions and

Tested manually by running eunit with surefire report
generation over and over again (with a timer:sleep/1
inserted to make sure that XML file generation takes
time to complete).

Code here:

   git fetch git://github.com/klajo/otp.git eunit-race-cond


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