[PATCH] Fix hang when calling functions in a module with an on_load attribute from a native module

Paul Guyot <>
Fri Sep 24 18:14:00 CEST 2010

>> And a simpler way to reproduce it is to configure R14B with --enable-native-libs and then to start a shell and invoke 'crypto:md5("").' This call will never return.
> I grabbed a pristine R14B tarball, unpacked it, did ./configure --enable-native-libs, make,
> started bin/erl, and evaluated crypto:md5("").  There was no hang.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

While I used OTP_R14B tag from git, I believe the R14B tarball from erlang.org has pre-built beams which are not recompiled even if --enable-native-libs is passed to configure. In other words, --enable-native-libs has no effect unless the pre-built beams are removed.

Could you please test if you can reproduce the hang after having removed the pre-built beams? (especially those that get natively recompiled with --enable-native-libs).
I think you can remove them with ./otp_build remove_prebuilt_files


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