gen_stream updated to test worker process links

jay <>
Sun Sep 5 11:40:31 CEST 2010

A new version of gen_stream and gen_stream_SUITE tests is available.  The
test suite now relies on the internal processes being linked to the parent
gen_stream, so it uses erlang:process_info(GenStreamPid, links) to
enumerate and verify whether the number of processes matches the user's
request and whether processes are linked.

git fetch git:// gen_stream

[Note: to aid in debugging the shell_SUITE interaction, I inserted
statements in the test suite to trigger the shell_SUITE error after every
gen_stream test in the hopes of isolating the faulty test case.  These
statements are all labeled %% DEBUG: in gen_stream_SUITE.  As I cannot
reproduce the problem, use M-x replace-string %% DEBUG: with nothing to
turn on the functionality to trace shell_SUITE error appearance.  As is,
this code is commented out and the test suite should run fine.  This is
merely to expedite the back and forth communication.  The lines can just
as easily be eliminated by grep so that no commented out code is included
in the baseline, once they have served their purpose in tracking down the
shell_SUITE problem.]


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