What's cooking in erlang/otp (2010-11-22)

Björn Gustavsson <>
Mon Nov 22 16:38:38 CET 2010

The next release will be R14B01, expected to be released
December 8.

Feature branches sent in from now on are unlikely to be
included in R14B01. Bug fixes may still make it, depending
on the application, the severity of the bug, and how unlikely
the bug fix is to break something.

We will try to review and include into the R14B01 release
some more of the branches currently in 'pu'.


* ao/mod_auth-doc-typos (inets) (2010-11-11) 1 commit
 + Fix escaped xml character and a missing closing tag in mod_auth.xml (0709e6e)

* bf/mnesia-doc-fixes (mnesia) (2010-11-01) 3 commits
 + doc: "works like" instead of "works as" + missing like (4e0a65b)
 + remove '\011' from mnesia doc (0d66208)
 + fix typo in mnesia doc (61b173e)

* ks/dialyzer-fixes (dialyzer) (2010-11-07) 1 commit
 + dialyzer: Speed up analysis of nested list comprehensions (5c1dd79)

* ks/edoc-dialyzer-fixes (edoc) (2010-11-15) 1 commit
 + Fix various dialyzer warnings (e1f67dd)

* ks/erl_types-fixes (dialyzer, hipe) (2010-11-06) 1 commit
 + erl_types: Fix pretty rare crashes and an infinite loop (5c59d90)

* ks/file_open-mode (hipe, kernel, stdlib) (2010-10-12) 1 commit
 + Add the {encoding, _} options to file:open/2's modes (6751329)

* ks/hipe-patches (hipe) (2010-11-09) 1 commit
 + hipe: Update types and specs (6083a1a)

* ks/init-spec-fixes (erts) (2010-11-06) 1 commit
 + init: Fix two erroneous specs (ef0fbe0)

* ml/re-manpage-cleanup (stdlib) (2010-10-29) 1 commit
 + Improve the 're' manpage by correcting typos and rewording (278ab91)

* ms/ei-fix-node-name-overflow (erl_interface) (2010-10-24) 1 commit
 + ei: check the length of the node name (cea0698)

* ms/ei-fixes (erl_interface) (2010-10-28) 2 commits
 + ei: check memory was allocated (9dae2c9)
 + ei: error if return value of ei_alloc_big is NULL (3a1c680)

* pg/fix-system_info-cpu_topology-segfault (erts) (2010-10-02) 1 commit
 + Fix crash with erlang:system_info({cpu_topology,junk}) (f8201e5)

* pg/freebsd-cpu-affinity-and-topology (erts) (2010-10-03) 1 commit
 + Add support for CPU affinity & topology detection on FreeBSD 8 (667409a)

* sf/erts_de_busy_limit (erts) (2010-10-22) 1 commit
 + Add flag-based setting for the distribution buffer busy limit (8faf174)

* ta/fix-ethread-void-return (erts) (2010-10-29) 1 commit
 + ethread: do not return from void ethr_atomic_set_relb (5ca6bc6)

[New topics]

* hw/call-chmod-without-f (asn1, common_test, compiler,
cosFileTransfer, crypto, debugger, docbuilder, edoc, erl_interface,
erts, et, inets, inviso, kernel, megaco, mnesia, orber, parsetools,
percept, public_key, reltool, runtime_tools, snmp, ssl, stdlib,
syntax_tools, test_server, tools) (2010-11-15) 1 commit
 - Call chmod without the "-f" flag (7ed11a8)

* hw/epmd-bind-to-address (erts) (2010-11-10) 1 commit
 - Allow user to specify the IP address epmd binds to (bcf3b3d)

* hw/fix-epmd-perror (erts) (2010-11-13) 1 commit
 - Fix epmd's dbg_perror() output (b363d7d)

* ks/asn1-dialyzer-fixes (asn1) (2010-11-18) 1 commit
 - Shut off some dialyzer warnings (508a6d2)


* dc/update-INSTALL-WIN32.md (otp) (2010-09-19) 1 commit
 - Doc update to latest dependencies & how to compile with free VS2008
Express (8e8061c)

Waiting for an update by the topic author.

* jn/gen_stream (stdlib) (2010-09-05) 5 commits
 - Use erlang:process_info(Pid, links) to determine if gen_stream
managed worker processes are leaked (b2386df)
 - Move gen_stream internal process test to after termination of
gen_stream parent (f1d8a97)
 - Add calls to code loader in every test to verify code loader still
running (ac6cbba)
 - Track gen_stream processes directly for accurate test results (38a4083)
 - Patch dev to reproduce jn/gen_stream (7694a74)

 . Add new gen_stream behaviour for efficiently consuming serial
streams (65f3db8)

This topic branch has a failing test case:

    We have now tested with and without this topic branch and when
    it is present that test case fails. We consider it proved
    to be guilty. The test case does not fail when run standalone
    so it seems to be tricky... Also, some of its own test cases
    fail sporadicly.

Action expected from: Topic author.

* jp/dependencies_makefile (compiler, erts) (2009-12-14) 1 commit
 - Add dependencies Makefile generation to erlc(1) and compile(3) (4945add)

Approved in principle by the OTP Technical Board; now awaits a closer
review of the implementation.

Action expected from: Björn Gustavsson (the reviewer)


* bg/temp-hipe-fixes (compiler, hipe, kernel) (2010-03-15) 6 commits
 - Avoid crash by skipping compilation_SUITE:on_load/1 (8592a02)
 - Inline less aggressively for native-code compilation (e699ad4)
 - Crudely fix return type for the lists:key{search,find,member}/3 (2b72202)
 - seq_trace_SUITE: Don't native-compile (2712344)
 - Disable native code if on_load is used (e8d0ea4)
 - andor_SUITE: Don't native-compile (e25ef8c)

This branch contains temporary workarounds to avoid failing test
cases and is never intended to graduate.

* bw/efile_exists (erts) (2010-10-07) 1 commit
 - prim_file:exists/{1,2} which is lightweight file existence check (7203932)

* bw/gitignore (otp) (2010-10-05) 1 commit
 - Add win32 specific build artifacts to .gitignore (834cd98)

* bw/tv-render-fix (tv) (2010-10-06) 1 commit
 - tv: Allow table viewer to display refs, ports and small binaries (5eff630)

* bw/win32-file-linking (erts) (2010-10-04) 1 commit
 - Add Win32 support for hard and symbolic file system links (1f6d7c8)

* bw/win32-laa (erts) (2010-10-06) 1 commit
 - Added win32 large address aware link option (8bb6f48)

* cg/fix-prng (stdlib) (2010-10-06) 1 commit
 - Fix a bug in the implementation of the pseudo-random number
generator (863ec4d)

* fm/httpc-upload-body-streaming (inets) (2010-10-05) 2 commits
 - httpc: add option to do automatic chunked transfer-encoding (6951ed1)
 - httpc: allow streaming of PUT and POST request bodies (f9ec3cb)

* gc/gen-format-status-improvements (stdlib) (2010-06-12) 1 commit
 - Fix format_status bug for unregistered gen_event processes (95ed86f)

* jf/run_erl-disable-flow-control (erts) (2010-03-05) 1 commit
 - Teach run_erl RUN_ERL_DISABLE_FLOWCNTRL for disabling flow control (d0775cd)

* jr/windows-file-append (erts) (2010-09-30) 1 commit
 - Fix appending to large files (>4GB) on Windows (6aae439)

* km/pool_connect-to-running-nodes (stdlib) (2010-09-02) 1 commit
 - Change pool module to attempt to attach to nodes that are already
running (a9f4cbc)

* mh/dialyzer-full-path-option (dialyzer) (2010-09-15) 1 commit
 - Dialyzer: add --fullpath option for printing full paths in warnings (3703ea6)

* ml/add-os-pid-to-port-info (erts) (2010-08-19) 1 commit
 - Extend erlang:port_info/1,2 to show the OS pid of a spawned process (b2d85bf)

* pg/des-cfb-functions (crypto) (2010-10-16) 1 commit
 - Add DES and Triple DES cipher feedback (CFB) mode functions (2c79ae7)

* pg/fix-hibernate-with-hipe (erts, otp) (2010-09-27) 1 commit
 - Fix several bugs related to hibernate/3 and HiPE (babd761)

* pg/honor-start-type-in-rel-files (sasl) (2010-06-06) 1 commit
 - Honor start type in .rel files when building relup files (7599900)

* sa/callback-attr (compiler, inets, kernel, otp, stdlib) (2010-06-08) 7 commits
 - Add callback specs into 'application' module in kernel (87d4f70)
 - Add callback specs to tftp module following internet documentation (2ac8ea7)
 - Add callback specs to inets_service module following possibly
deprecated comments (58a362d)
 - Add '-callback' attributes in stdlib's behaviours (4a64017)
 - Update primary bootstrap (d0e761a)
 - Automatically generate 'behaviour_info' function from '-callback'
attributes (991da40)
 - Add '-callback' attribute to language syntax (d5cba37)

* sb/make-files-like-erlc (tools) (2010-05-18) 1 commit
 - Change make:files to behave more like erlc (5e9d051)

* sg/fix-diskless-booted-relup (sasl) (2010-09-19) 1 commit
 - Remove traces of release_handler reading from filesystem when it
has Masters list (54cb5df)

* sv/epmd-check-listen (erts) (2010-07-14) 1 commit
 - check return value of epmd server listen() call (c5c8baa)

* ta/asn1-reporting (asn1) (2010-04-23) 1 commit
 - asn1ct: Make formatting of errors and warnings consistent (93face2)

* ta/ensure-dot-ssh-exists (ssh) (2010-09-02) 1 commit
 - ssh: ensure ~/.ssh exists (2c14d90)

* ta/fix-native-looping (kernel) (2010-10-04) 1 commit
 - error_handler: add no_native compiler directive (fb5e332)

* ta/sendfile (erts, kernel) (2010-09-06) 1 commit
 - Implement file:sendfile (c652dda)

* ts/cover-with-export_all (tools) (2010-09-23) 1 commit
 - add user specified compiler options on form reloading (eb02beb)

* uw/xmerl-expand-simple (xmerl) (2010-10-25) 1 commit
 - Track parents when expanding #xmlElement records (9f4c1ee)


* mp/supervisor-transient-children-fix (stdlib) (2010-10-29) 1 commit
 . Fix supervisor's transient children restart strategy (c70c6fc)

Not backwards compatible. Breaks mnesia and possibly other applications.

Björn Gustavsson, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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