Emacs EUnit: Run Recent

Chris Bernard <>
Sun May 30 04:06:45 CEST 2010


This patch adds the ability to re-run the most recent EUnit test  
invocation.  This is especially handy when running one test repeatedly  
as it eliminates the need to position point over the test just to run  
it again (most often point is in code under test).

The default keybinding is C-c-C-el

git fetch git://github.com/cebernard/otp.git emacs-eunit-run-recent

There is also a second commit in this the patch which allows an  
optional 'autosave' feature.  If the variable 'erlang-eunit-autosave'  
is non-nil, buffers will be automatically saved just before running  
tests -- the "Do you want to save?" prompt will be inhibited.  This  
can be useful, reducing the save-compile-load-test cycle to just one  

Raimo, based on your suggestion to Klas, I branched this work off  
Klas' branch (git://github.com/klajo/otp.git emacs-eunit-with-cover- 
from-run-current-test -- parent commit: 940ab361) rather than  
branching off 'dev' and merging his changes in to my patch branch.   
Our changes overlap and I don't see his patch in dev yet.  Hopefully  
this makes things easier.

Chris Bernard 

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