Set erlang-mode-map when erlang.el is loaded

Magnus Henoch <>
Thu May 20 22:56:47 CEST 2010

git fetch git:// erlang-mode-map-init

Set erlang-mode-map when loading erlang.el

Create and assign the erlang-mode keymap to erlang-mode-map once
erlang.el is loaded, not the first time it is used.  This way of doing
it follows the Emacs Lisp convention described at
and also makes it easier for users to customize the keymap.

Remove the now unneeded functions erlang-keymap-init and

Also move the definition of inferior-erlang-use-cmm, so it is
available when defining erlang-mode-map.

Magnus Henoch, 
Erlang Solutions



Since January 1st 2010 Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. has become ERLANG SOLUTIONS LTD.

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