Emacs EUnit -- Run the current test function

Chris Bernard <>
Mon May 17 22:32:34 CEST 2010


This patch adds some emacs lisp to run just the current EUnit test  
(test under point).

This feature is handy when using a broken test to drive new  
development; the focus is on one test at a time.

------- Patch Location

git fetch git://github.com/cebernard/otp.git emacs-eunit-run-current- 

------- Tests

This was tested on:

- Emacs app (OS X) (v.
- Carbon Emacs (OS X) (v. 22.1.1) (Carbon v. 1.6.0)
- GNU Emacs (Ubuntu) (v. 22.2.1)
- GNU Emacs (Ubuntu) (v. 23.1.1)

------- Code Notes

Since this added a third testing feature to erlang-eunit.el, there was  
some natural duplication that needed to be factored out.  The notion  
of 'compile and run tests' was decoupled from the notion of exactly  
which tests to run.  The definitions of default key bindings were  
converted to a list for clarity and conciseness.


Comments welcome.

Best Regards,
Chris Bernard

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