[erlang-patches] What's cooking in erlang/otp (2010-03-22)

Michael Santos <>
Tue Mar 23 13:45:32 CET 2010

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 07:31:00PM +0100, Bj?rn Gustavsson wrote:

> * ms/pcre-compile-workspace-overrun (erts, stdlib) (2010-03-19) 2 commits
>  - re_SUITE: Add pcre_compile_workspace_overflow/1 (3efa1b8)

Just a warning, this test may fail due to what appears to be an unrelated
bug. At least on Mac OS X, an SMP enabled beam will crash if N=612.
pcre_compile:compile_branch() is being called with arguments set to
NULL. The test is ok with a non-SMP beam and an SMP beam on Solaris.

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