Distribution over TCP/IPv6

John-Mark Bell <>
Tue Mar 23 13:39:59 CET 2010

git fetch git://github.com/jmb202/otp.git inet6_dist

These changes make distribution of Erlang nodes over IPv6 work

Previously, EPMD would not compile with IPv6 support enabled (aside: I
can see no way to enable this support from the OTP build system --
locally, I've just defined EPMD6 in epmd_int.h)

The inet6_tcp_dist module seemed to be an incomplete modification of the
inet_tcp_dist module, resulting in sockets being closed immediately by
the kernel. It now uses inet6 functionality throughout.

Finally, I've added support for IPv6 addresses in long host names, as
IPv4 addresses work correctly in this scenario (perhaps as an unexpected
side-effect of the FQDN-detection logic?)

I have tested these changes locally, and they work as I expect them to.



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