[erlang-patches] shell_SUITE failure (presumably caused by gen_stream)

Raimo Niskanen <>
Tue Jun 15 10:38:33 CEST 2010

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 11:41:38PM -0700, Jay Nelson wrote:
> The failure in shell_SUITE is a parsing error on rr(prim_file).  It  

Can you elaborate? Have you got an error message?

> seems that prim_file.erl is an erts preloaded file.  I do not know  
> what that means.  In what ways could my test_suite, which creates and  

prim_file.beam is converted to a binary blob and linked into the
emulator, so it is always loaded, before the code server is started,
and can not be unloaded. I guess not reloaded either.

> destroys processes, impact a "preloaded file" module?  If I create a  
> crash, could it somehow unload the preloaded files or is there some  
> way that preloaded memory could be modified or overwritten?

There should not be such a possibility.

It seems more likely you have affected the shell process(es)
or code server. The shell is divided in one process that does the
evaluating and one that "is" the shell process and does the interpreting,
or something like that. Which one that loads records I do not know.

In case you did not know; rr(prim_file) loads all record
definitions from the file prim_file.beam or from prim_file.erl,
so it has to find the files in the code path, from the code server.

> jay
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