gen_stream tests success proof

jay <>
Fri Jul 16 18:03:07 CEST 2010

I committed a new proof version of lib/stdlib/test/gen_stream_SUITE.erl

git fetch git:// gen_stream

I'm not sure if my environment is wrong or what, but every time I run
shell_SUITE.erl it fails on line 384 and line 584 (even if I start from
scratch and call no other tests):

384:     ?line PreReply = scan(<<"rr(prim_file).">>), % preloaded...

584:    ?line PA = filename:dirname(code:which(?MODULE)),

The latter seemed to be the simplest way to test if the code loader is
still working.  So I sprinkled it into every test function in
gen_stream_SUITE.erl and at the end of the last test function.

My result: no failures.

Try it on your environment and see if you get different results.  This
last commit is a test proof, it shouldn't be included if there is a
graduated release.

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