[erlang-patches] fixed hipe:load/1

Paul Guyot <>
Mon Jul 12 12:37:04 CEST 2010


Thank you for your response.

Le 12 juil. 2010 à 11:41, Mikael Pettersson a écrit :

> Who uses hipe:load/1 anyway?  I'm just wondering if it's a relic from
> ancient history, or if it actually offers functionality not available
> elsewhere.

I guess no one uses hipe:load/1 since it is broken. It is documented in hipe:help_hiper(), though. We wanted to use it as a workaround to the other bug I submitted a patch for (native code of early modules is not loaded), and we ended up duplicating the code in our internal tool that invokes dialyzer. Considering that there is a compilation option to compile a code natively but to not load this code ([native, {hipe, [no_load]}]), I guess hipe:load/1 makes sense even if the other bug is fixed.

> The test suite thing is orthogonal.  I don't mind it, but it won't be
> used by HiPE developers since our test suite is completely separate from
> Erlang/OTP's.

Is the test suite used by HiPE developers open source ? Where is it located ?


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