Trying to update jn/gen_stream

jay <>
Fri Jul 9 21:31:32 CEST 2010

I did a fresh synch with dev and tried to merge in the pu topic
jn/gen_stream, but I can't seem to find it.  I did the following.

git pull upstream dev
make release_docs
$ERL_TOP/bin/erl => R14B
git push origin origin:refs/heads/gen_stream_track_test_procs
git checkout --track -b gen_track_test_procs

git log --oneline origin/pu | grep jn

aaeb58c Merge branch 'jn/ic-docs-without-java' into pu
333d2b2 Merge branch 'jn/sasl-format_report' into ccase/r13b04_dev
61489dd Merge branch 'jn/supervisor_child_count_only' into ccase/r13b04_dev

git branch -f jn/gen_stream 65f3db8^2
fatal: Not a valid object name: '65f3db8^2'

git branch -f jn/gen_stream 65f3db8
fatal: Not a valid object name: '65f3db8'

I guess starting from 'dev' was not a good thing, although I did want to
verify that I can build and run tests in dev properly.

How do I find my project in 'pu' and properly create a tracking branch
that I can use to update it?


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