Added the +t emulator option to change the maximum number of atoms

Julien Barbot <>
Fri Jan 29 11:53:24 CET 2010


> What's cooking in erlang/otp (2010-01-23)
> [Stalled]
> * jb/atom_table_size_env (erts, otp) (2009-12-21) 1 commit
>  - Added ERL_ATOM_TABLE_SIZE environment variable (ca57c14)
> The OTP Technical Board approves adding a mechanism for
> adjusting the size of the atom table (downwards and upwards),
> but the mechanism should be an emulator option (similar to
> how other limits such as the minimum heap size can be changed)
> rather than a new environment variable. Since any emulator option
> can be set in the ERL_FLAGS environment variable, there is
> no need to introduce a new environment variable.

It is now an emulator option: +t.
You can change the atom table size by using for exemple

./erl +t 5242880

Björn: warning, the branch name is not the same it is now
atom_table_size instead of atom_table_size_env :

git fetch git:// atom_table_size


Julien Barbot

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