[erlang-patches] Re: small patch for tv

Dmitriy Budashny <>
Sat Jan 16 09:20:42 CET 2010

I don't know if I'll be able to find in the nearest future some more time to
look at this problem, so I decided to send not fully finished patch:
 git fetch git://github.com/dym/otp.git tv_resize_fix
Here you can find only fix for vertical resize, but there is also some
problems with horizontal resizing:
=ERROR REPORT==== 16-Jan-2010::10:05:28 ===
Error in process <0.176.0> on node '' with exit value:

Internal error... restarting.
PS: that error was the reason why I asked how to debug those gs objects,
they look so easy to understand :)

2010/1/15 Dmitriy Budashny <>

> 2009/12/1 Björn Gustavsson <>
>> I cannot reproduce the problem. I assume it has something
>> to do with your window manager.
>> We'll let it in cook in the 'pu' branch for a while.
>> Unless someone finds any problem with the fix or a better
>> way to correct the bug, I think we should include this fix
>> in the R13B04 release.
>  I've done a little research and found that the problem was with one of the
> constants:
> tv_pd_int_def.hrl:
> -define(NOF_GRIDROWS, 35). %% 29
> You can reproduce the problem by resizing table window vertically, when
> NofRowsShown (a variable from tv_pg_gridfcns:resize_grid) become more than
> 35 (that's around 32-33 rows in a grid), you have to get your window
> crashed.
> So the easiest way to fix this problem, is to increase this constant, but
> it'll be yet another work-around.
> Other way is not only about adding new rows to Column Frames, but there is
> a need to fix button's code to be able to create new buttons on the fly.
> For my bad, I stuck in debugging of the new rows adding. Maybe you can help
> me by advice on how to debug gs objects.
> --
> wbr, dym

wbr, dym

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