revised patch for binary_to_term/2 and clarifying comment

Jayson Vantuyl <>
Fri Jan 8 10:06:28 CET 2010

I've pushed a branch with the following changes:

1.  I rebased the latest safety / binary_to_term/2 patch off of the now current ccase/r13b04_dev
2.  Otherwise, the first changeset is identical to the already submitted one
3.  I added an additional changeset with the comments we discussed (a warning that edep flags and mask shouldn't overlap)

I thought it deserved a separate commit, since it was really a separate change.  I would have made it a separate branch, but I didn't see the point, since it would have just conflicted with the addition of the BTT flag (thereby requiring an unnecessary merge).

If you'd like, I can try to make another branch and then do the merge (and you can merge that merge after merging the other branches), but that seemed like an awful lot of work for a comment.

Here's the git command:

> git fetch git://


Jayson Vantuyl

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