[erlang-patches] spawn to rpc, filter, etc.

bile <>
Sun Feb 28 16:22:47 CET 2010

> Thanks! Now it's much clearer.
> I have included it in 'pu' for now so that it will be easier to
> review, but I think that it is unlikely that it will be approved in
> its current form (because spawning from a new node to an old node no
> longer works).

I'm open to suggestions. It could be changed to not send messages to
rex but net_kernel like originally, net_kernel could forward them to
rex like now for compatibility but instead change the From field to the
originator and allow rex to reply back. I didn't do that originally
because 1) I didn't want the extra hop and 2) proxying through
net_kernel allows the filter to know it's from an older node.

Or revert the merging of spawn with rpc and duplicate the filter logic.

I'm not really a fan of either but would prefer the former if the new
-> old node spawning won't be acceptable.

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