[erlang-patches] Fix a bug in the handling of 'or' BIF by Dialyzer

Niclas Axelsson <>
Mon Dec 20 17:27:08 CET 2010

On 12/19/2010 12:04 AM, Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> Stavros Aronis wrote:
>> Dialyzer had a minor issue when the arguments of the built-in 
>> function 'or'
>> had the fixed value 'false'. This patch deals with it.
>>   git fetch git://github.com/aronisstav/otp.git dialyzer-or-fix
> Can I ask that this is put directly into 'dev' ?
> Kostis
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Hi Stavros and Kostis,

We want to take it for a spin in our nightly builds first, so I will 
include it into 'pu' for now.
I will push it to 'dev' tomorrow if the builds and tests where ok.

Niclas Axelsson, Erlang/OTP

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