Some ei & erl_interface fixes

Vitaliy Batichko <>
Fri Dec 10 17:41:05 CET 2010


This branch contains some fixes and support for
formatting char, erlang PID for ei_format function.

Please find below description for each commit.

Fetch command:
 git fetch git:// ei_exts

commit 384b85a75212cf73253f901a8c88d4286a5962ba
Author: Vitaliy Batichko <>
Date:   Fri Dec 10 16:38:13 2010 +0200

   Fix wrong erl_compare_ext result comparing lists

   Function erl_compare_ext of erl_interface library returns
   1 instead -1 when comparing lists like [0] and [0, 1000].

   Credits to: Evgeny Khirin <evgeny.khirin <at>>

commit 7992d6a6bfa0f460f8663c2d72d07b60755a4857
Author: Vitaliy Batichko <>
Date:   Mon Nov 29 20:42:28 2010 +0200

   Correct erl_global{register, unregister} functions

   C node needs DFLAG_DIST_MONITOR flag set when connecting,
   and support for processing monitoring start/end messages
   received from counterpart, to make global registration
   actually work.

commit 95392e693e210189df82173c9bcd345b58b004fe
Author: Vitaliy Batichko <>
Date:   Tue Nov 23 18:44:24 2010 +0200

   Add PID (~p) type parameters to ei_format

commit ad5b84bd154e27d9e4db3af12b8b4326c564b2bf
Author: Vitaliy Batichko <>
Date:   Tue Nov 23 17:08:01 2010 +0200

   Add char (~c) type parameters to ei_format

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