[erlang-patches] dialyzer: Add support for multiple PLTs

Kostis Sagonas <>
Sun Dec 5 00:54:09 CET 2010

Maria Christaki wrote:
> The multiple-PLT patch was amended to include the updated documentation.
> However, it seems that I didn't make the amend on time and the patch was
> committed on the dev branch with the old documentation. For this reason, I
> have created another patch with dialyzer's new documentation:
>     git fetch git://github.com/mariachris/otp.git dialyzer_doc

This patch should be included in R14B01.  It's safe to include it 
directly into 'dev' since it only affects documentation files (and it 
has info on the new dialyzer version).


> Kostis Sagonas <> said:
>> A functionality addition to dialyzer that should be included in the 
>> upcoming release:
>>      git fetch git://github.com/mariachris/otp.git plts
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