gen_stream intermittent errors

jay <>
Wed Aug 18 19:52:29 CEST 2010

Recent 'pu' summary stated:

* jn/gen_stream (stdlib) (2010-07-15) 2 commits
 - Track gen_stream processes directly for accurate test results (38a4083)
 - Patch dev to reproduce jn/gen_stream (7694a74)

 . Add new gen_stream behaviour for efficiently consuming serial
streams (65f3db8)

This topic branch has failing test cases.

    We have now tested with and without this topic branch and when
    it is present that test case fails. We consider it proved
    to be guilty. The test case does not fail when run standalone
    so it seems to be tricky... Also, some of its own test cases
    fail sporadicly apparently since the assumption there shoul
    be no more processes after the test case does not hold;
    probably a timing issue.


Is it really still having intermittent errors?  I made a patch to correct
the test results that doesn't depend on the number of running processes
(it exposes an interface to report on the processes being used).  It
should no longer be giving any errors.

Is there any more information on the shell_SUITE issue.  I added the
failing line to the test cases to see what caused it to fail.  If there is
a shell failure it should isolate the exact test which is causing the

Just wanted to get the latest information on the results of the nightly
test runs.


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