[PATCH] Solaris PTY fixes for run_erl

Ryan Tilder <>
Sat Aug 7 06:34:32 CEST 2010

A couple of our customers have run into problems with our use of run_erl on
Solaris.  These patches include the addition of a simple open("/dev/ptmx")
in place of the call to posix_openpt() in open_pty_master() and the addition
of several calls to ioctl() to push three STREAMS modules onto the slave PTY
in open_pty_slave().  Also a small typo fix for debug code in

These patches may work on other platforms but I only have
Solaris/OpenSolaris to test on, so the #ifdefs are deliberately restricted.

git fetch git://github.com/rtilder/otp.git solaris-pty-handling-fixes

Debug typo fix:

Solaris PTY handling:


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