Erlang ODBC fix for OSX 10.5

Andrew Thompson <>
Mon Nov 30 06:37:00 CET 2009


The other week I decided to try out ODBC on OSX since it had been
working so well on linux and my coworker uses a OSX development machine.
I discovered that ODBC fails to work at all on OSX.

Tonight I had some spare time and I dug into the problem a little and
found the issue is a bug in Apple's ODBC implementation (which seems to
be at least partially related to iODBC). I also (after quite a bit of
tinkering) discovered a workaround. The gory details are described in
the commit message.

git fetch git:// odbc_osx_fix

I haven't tested this on windows yet because a windows build is such a
non-trivial task, but I've confirmed success on linux (via UNIXODBC)
and OSX. I'll try to do a windows test this week (sanity permitting).

Please let me know if the patch needs work or you'd like more


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