[erlang-patches] Spurious(?) dialyzer warnings for built-ins

Bernard Duggan <>
Wed Mar 11 01:14:01 CET 2009

Hi all,
    There's been a couple of questions on the -questions list recently
about what look to be spurious "Call to missing or unexported function"
warnings generated by dialyzer about the use of built-in functions (the
specific one that we saw was re:compile/2, but there are others too). 
The only response I've seen has been "just ignore it" - it seems that if
a warning is being generated that should always be ignored, it's
probably preferable not to generate it in the first place.
    Therefore, here's a simple patch against 12B-5 which removes the
particular warning - I'm not aware of any issues this should cause, but
nor am I a dialyzer expert and I'm happy to be corrected (or indeed to
hear a reason why we should generate this warning).



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