[erlang-patches] Emake on SMP

Nicolas Charpentier <>
Fri Jan 30 19:27:53 CET 2009

> I found another problem...
> 2009/1/29 Nicolas Charpentier <>:
>> I modified the make:process/3 function in order to let it spawn a
>> process
>> per file to compile. The 'main' process wait for the result of all
>> children
>> before to return.
> It is not acceptable to spawn as many processes as there modules to
> compile.
> The Erlang virtual machine could easily run out of memory. For instance,
> our
> test suit for STDLIB contains 66 modules and some them are HUGE.
> The number of compilation processes should never be more than the number
> of scheduler threads, erlang:system_info(schedulers), and it should
> probably
> be limited to a value such as 4 or 8 anyway to avoid running of out
> memory.
> (The actual number should be an option, with a suitable default.)

Humm, it seems that I have to work on it this week-end.
I'll be back with another proposal without the "after" and a configuration
parameter to limit the number of concurrent compilation.

Nicolas Charpentier

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