[erlang-patches] Improvements in the Report Browser

Videla Alvaro <>
Fri Dec 25 10:03:06 CET 2009

Xmas Present:

New function rb:filter/2 that let us filter reports by date ranges.


Merry Xmas,


On Dec 23, 2009, at 1:02 AM, Björn Gustavsson wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 5:40 PM, Videla Alvaro <> wrote:
>> I could get the new rb:filters/1 function into github, with the documentation, etc:
>> http://github.com/videlalvaro/otp/tree/rb_improvements
> Thanks!
>> But I'm still failing to understand the branches concept explained here: http://wiki.github.com/erlang/otp/branches
> Yes, I agree that it can be somewhat difficult to grasp if you are new
> to git. I don't push all the topic branches as such to the erlang/otp
> repository, as it would clutter up the repository with all those
> branches and it would give me more work to keep all branches
> up-to-date. Therefore I only push the entire 'pu' branch and if you
> want to dig out an individual topic branch you will need to follow the
> procedure on the wiki page.
> I have grabbed the latest commit on your branch, put it on my version
> of the branch, and included it in 'pu', so everything is now fine.
> -- 
> Björn Gustavsson, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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