[Re] Patch for asn1 library

Aude Quintana <>
Thu Dec 17 10:16:52 CET 2009

Hi !
I received no acknowlegment concerning the patch I sent for the asn1
library (sent in August)
So in order to facilitate its treatment I have comitted it on github
otp project clone. Hope you will (re)consider it, or at least, say the
problem with it.

You can get it with :
git fetch git://github.com/titaude30/otp.git asn1_incomplete_packet

To remind you the subject it is a patch which change decode/2
functions generated from a file .asn1 : they return the error {error,
incomplete} when the packet given to decode is incomplete instead of
any error.
It is necessary when implementing functions that decode packet
received from a socket when it's not sure that they are complete (if
messages are too big, they are are splitted).
It 's the completary of another functionality : when .asn1 file are
compiled with the undec_rest option and decode/2 functions are called
with argument packet that contain more of one messages, then decode/2
function return the decoded message plus the rest of the packet.

Best regards,

2009/8/25 Aude Quintana <>:
> Hello !
> After some other tests with the patch I made previously on asn1 library I
> had to add some lines in the patch.
> (it makes the decoding function to return {error,incomplete} when the buffer
> passed in argument doesn't contain at least a full message)
> So, .diff file joined is the new patch and I hope it is complete now.
> Best Regards,
> Aude.

Aude Quintana

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