Patch for asn1 library -> UPER

Aude Quintana <>
Tue Aug 25 14:28:42 CEST 2009

Hello !

Here is another patch for Erlang asn1 library -> UPER

The UPER encoding function for OCTETSTRING doesn't accept binaries in
It's strange because
  * BER function accept them
  * The encoding function of UPER transforms the list passed in argument in
a binary.
  * it would be needlessly wastefull to wrap our data inside a list when it
is already a binary
So it should directly accept binaries in argument too.

.diff file attached is a patch which adds this functionality.
It just modifies encode_octet_string function in
  * asn1rt_uper_bin.erl

 There is the same problem with APER (files asn1rt_per_bin.erl and
 but it would take too much time to change it because it's more complicated
in these files.

Best regards,
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