[erlang-patches] : More about SCTP and R12B-5

Per Hedeland <>
Thu Nov 6 15:54:40 CET 2008

Raimo Niskanen <> wrote:
>Well, since we are getting Linux workstations we
>have fallen into that trap. But we have not seen
>any build problems for SCTP on Solaris (10).

Strange... (assuming that not getting it built is a "problem") -

$ /bin/sh
$ uname -srv
SunOS 5.10 Generic_118833-22
$ enable_sctp=yes
$ if test "x$enable_sctp" == "xyes" ; then
> echo OK
> fi
test: unknown operator ==

>I am an OpenBSD fan myself, and we have had issues with
>FreeBSD regarding kernel poll so it has been a while
>when FreeBSD has been uninteresting as an ErlangOTP

Uh, "issues regarding kernel poll" => "uninteresting as an ErlangOTP
platform" is a pretty huge leap - there are "a few" Erlang applications
that aren't dependant on being able to have thousands of file
descriptors open with good performance. Erlang has always worked fine on

Which reminds me, I recently fixed the Erlang "virtual time" to work on
*BSD (and QNX!:-), using clock_gettime(). However that was for R10, and
when I looked at this in R12 (which I had already done, but apparently
in the wrong place) in preparation for sending in a patch, I found that
it had already been done - but only for Linux, and in a way that I don't
think will work in general. I.e. it seemed to assume that
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) has anything near the actual resolution
possible with the struct timespec that it returns - that is definitely
not true on *BSD or QNX, did you verify it on Linux?

> And now that FreeBSD has become usable
>we have no hardware to run on;

I'm sure it will run just fine on your "Linux workstations".:-)

>Hopefully on our way to R13 we will have daily builds
>for FreeBSD, and Giacomo's patches will then be included.

Do you see this as a requirement? I.e. even if some "trustworthy":-)
user reports that the release doesn't even build on OS Foo, and supplies
patches for the problem(s), and those patches don't break the tests on
the OSes that you do test on - you won't incorporate the patches
unless/until you do regular builds on OS Foo yourselves?


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