[erlang-patches] More about SCTP and R12B-5

Per Hedeland <>
Thu Nov 6 10:59:40 CET 2008

Giacomo Olgeni <> wrote:
>Erlang R12B-5 was recently released and there's a new issue about 
>SCTP. Moreover, the "==" operator problem in configure is still there: 
>how can anybody manage to build with SCTP?

It works fine if their /bin/sh happens to be bash - one of the more
unfortunate gratuitous "extensions" in that shell, since it tricks users
into writing non-portable scripts for no reason at all. Though I thought
the OTP group was still pretty Solaris-focused, it certainly doesn't
work in Solaris' /bin/sh - but since there's quite a lot else that
doesn't even though it "should', maybe they've fallen for the temptation
to replace it with bash (we haven't gone that far, but pretty close).

By the way, thanks a lot for all your work and persistence with keeping
the FreeBSD port up-to-date! (Speaking both as personal FreeBSD user and
Erlang-product-on-BSD developer.:-) I hope also the fixes in your post
the other day will make it into the standard OTP release.

--Per Hedeland

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