[erlang-patches] Absolute module references in Yecc parsers (was: New yecc:file/2 option: parserpackage)

Alceste Scalas <>
Thu Feb 14 17:19:04 CET 2008

Il giorno gio, 14/02/2008 alle 14.43 +0100, Alceste Scalas ha scritto:
> This option allows to generate parsers within Erlang packages: for
> example, given the file src/foo/bar/parser.yrl, a call like
>         yecc:file(parser, [{parserpackage, 'foo.bar'}])
> will generate parser.erl with module 'foo.bar.parser' (instead of
> 'parser' alone).

The following patch may help, too: it makes the generated parsers always
use absolute module references, by adding a leading dot to some function
calls (both in yecc.erl and yeccpre.hrl).

I chose this solution over two other approaches:

     1. adding -import(lists) and -import(io_lib) to yeccpre.hrl;
     2. asking the Yecc users to explicitly add -import(lists) and
        -import(io_lib) to the "Erlang code" section of their grammars,
        when they want to generate parsers inside a package hierarchy.

IMHO the patch is clearer (no packaging issues at all) and cleaner (it
does not interfere with "Erlang code" sections by adding unexpected


Alceste Scalas <>
CRS4 - http://www.crs4.it/
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