[erlang-patches] New yecc:file/2 option: parsermodule

Alceste Scalas <>
Thu Feb 14 14:36:16 CET 2008


the following patch adds a new option to yecc:file/2:

        {parserpackage, ParserPackage}.
                Use ParserPackage as the package of the Erlang parser
                code that is generated. The default ("") is not to put
                package names in front of the parser module.

This option allows to generate parsers within Erlang packages: for
example, given the file src/foo/bar/parser.yrl, a call like

        yecc:file(parser, [{parserpackage, 'foo.bar'}])

will generate parser.erl with module 'foo.bar.parser' (instead of
'parser' alone).


Alceste Scalas <>
CRS4 - http://www.crs4.it/

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