[erlang-patches] Patch submission for httpd authentication file location

Nicolas Charpentier <>
Thu Aug 21 10:07:45 CEST 2008

There is a fix proposal for the problem I reported few days ago.

In the httpd service, for each directory you can configure the 
authentication mode. For plain and dets mode, 2 others parameters have 
to configured auth_user_file and auth_group_file.
The documention says that their value could be either an absolute path 
name either a path relative to the server_root. Unfortunately there is a 
bug because if the value is a relative path name it will be relative to 
the current working directory of the VM.

My patch is based on R12-B3 sources. To apply it:
* change to directory $ERL_ROOT/lib/inets/src/http_server
* then execute patch -p0 < bug_auth_files_location.patch

Nicolas Charpentier
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