[erlang-patches] SSH does not send SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_SUCCESS

Andrey Tsirulev <>
Mon Aug 4 17:08:50 CEST 2008


According to RFC4254 (section 5.4), SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST packet, sent e.g. to start shell or allocate pty, needs answer (SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_SUCCESS or 
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_FAILURE) if request's 'want reply' field is set to true.

ssh_cm module (R12B-3) never sends SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_SUCCESS packet. It results in hanging session after login, if ssh client sets 'want reply' in its 'shell' or 'pty-req' request, and 
waits for reply.

The bug is reproducible with putty 0.60 windows client.
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