[erlang-patches] Patch to add zlib:crc32_combine/4 and zlib:adler32_combine/4

Matthew Dempsky <>
Tue Nov 13 20:05:59 CET 2007

On 11/6/07, Matthew Dempsky <> wrote:
> I wrote an Erlang module to concatenate zlib compressed data, but to
> generate proper zlib and gzip trailers, I need to compute the adler32
> and crc32 checksums.

Also, for what it's worth, this code has been released as part of our
eswf project on google code.  You can find the module source at:


Right now the public API only supports zlib encoding, but the code
internally could handle raw deflate and gzip encoding without much
effort.  Support for crc32 checksum joining is currently using a slow
workaround until the otp patch I submitted is accepted.

As such, I'm interested in feedback on my patch.  Will it be merged
into R12B?  Is there anything else I can do to help ensure this


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