[erlang-patches] [erlang-questions] Erlang interpreter errors

Richard Carlsson <>
Mon Oct 16 19:40:03 CEST 2006

Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
> This is a direct translation of the following message: 
> http://gzip.rsdn.ru/Forum/Message.aspx?mid=2164020&only=1 
> <http://gzip.rsdn.ru/Forum/Message.aspx?mid=2164020&only=1> by somebody 
> other than me :)
> Here goes:
> Whatever Erlang interpreter spits out on error cannot be called an error 
> message in my opinion. So here's the question: are there any 
> patches/hacks/whatever that can allow me to see more meaningful error 
> messages? And of course, another one: what lead to appearance of such 
> horrible messages?
> Thank you

I have tried nagging OTP about including this patch (attached)
for quite some time, but they don't seem to care much about it.
I use it myself, anyway.


  "Having users is like optimization: the wise course is to delay it."
    -- Paul Graham
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