Debian Bug #328031, Erlang 10.b.9 compile bug on Debian GNU/Linux SPARC

Francois-Denis Gonthier <>
Sat Dec 31 02:28:52 CET 2005

tags 328031 + pending

Hello all

this patch has been sent to me through Debian Bug Tracking system by Jurij 


Here is what he has to say about the patch:

"I am forwarding the information from upstream to the bug so that it will 
not get lost (see below). I've checked the build procedure and, indeed, 
the architecture detection is done by looking at the output of 'uname -m'.
On Solaris this returns "sun4u" on ultrasparc hardware, our kernel returns 
'sparc64'. I've made a simple patch against (attached), which 
fixes the detection. When I apply this patch and the one mentioned 
earlier, the package builds fine. So if you have the reason to upload the 
10.b.9 soon, please include them, at least it will not die while building 
on sparc.

I see two other issues to take care of: the unreliability of the floating 
point exceptions which upstream mentioned, and the special flags which are 
passed to the assembler while building erlang. The former I'll have to 
look into, the latter might prevent the resulting binaries from working on 
sparc32 hardware. However, whether the support for such hardware will be 
included in etch is uncertain at this point, so this is not of immediate 

I will include the patch in the Debian package, but I think it should also be 
considered for upstream inclusion.
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